Flight Schedule

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TypeCity Departure ArrivalFlight No.Aircraft
Arrival From Denver12:45pm2:15pmF9 0257Airbus 319
Arrival From Denver1:09pm2:49pmUA 6192CRJ
Arrival From Denver6:35pm8:17pmUA6536CRJ
Arrival From Los Angeles9:16am10:10amUA5314EMB 120
Arrival From Los Angeles10:35am11:23amUA5373EMB 120
Arrival From Los Angeles12:55pm1:41pmUA5362EMB 120
Arrival From Los Angeles3:48pm4:34pmUA5355EMB 120
Arrival From Los Angeles6:45pm7:31pmUA5358EMB 120
Arrival From Los Angeles8:12pm8:58pmUA5372EMB 120
Arrival From Los Angeles11:07pm11:55pmUA5383EMB 120
Arrival From Phoenix7:40am9:17amUS2963CRJ
Arrival From Phoenix10:10am11:52amUS2911CRJ
Arrival From Phoenix1:50pm3:21pmUS 2872CRJ900
Arrival From Phoenix4:55pm6:28pmUS2962CRJ
Arrival From Phoenix8:05pm9:36pmUS2878CRJ900
Arrival From Portland4:25pm6:35pmAS3494CRJ-700
Arrival From San Francisco5:45am7:10amUA5632EMB 120
Arrival From San Francisco8:27am9:55amUA6487EMB 120
Arrival From San Francisco12:35pm1:58pmUA5646EMB 120
Arrival From San Francisco12:35pm1:58pmUA5646EMB 120
Arrival From San Francisco2:06pm3:29pmUA5556EMB 120
Arrival From San Francisco4:25pm5:48pmUA5645EMB 120
Arrival From San Francisco5:23pm6:43pmUA5638EMB 120
Arrival From San Francisco6:52pm8:15pmUA5615EMB 120
Arrival From San Francisco7:56pm9:20pmUA5567EMB 120
Arrival From San Francisco9:02pm10:24pmUA5610EMB 120
Arrival From Seattle10:45am1:12pmAS3482CRJ-700


TypeCity Departure ArrivalFlight No.Aircraft
Departure To Denver5:40am9:07amUA5482CRJ
Departure To Denver2:55pm6:12 pmF9 0428Airbus 319
Departure To Denver3:28pm6:55pmUA6192CRJ
Departure To Los Angeles6:14am7:05amUA5324EMB 120
Departure To Los Angeles10:42am11:37amUA5314EMB 120
Departure To Los Angeles11:48am12:43pmUA5373EMB 120
Departure To Los Angeles2:27pm3:18pmUA5369EMB 120
Departure To Los Angeles4:59pm5:52pmUA5355EMB 120
Departure To Los Angeles8:16pm9:10pmUA5375EMB 120
Departure To Los Angeles9:23pm10:17pmUA5372EMB 120
Departure To Phoenix6:25am7:52amUS2727CRJ900
Departure To Phoenix12:35pm2:07pmUS2936CRJ
Departure To Phoenix4:20pm5:45pmUS2879CRJ900
Departure To Phoenix7:25pm8:50pmUS2910CRJ
Departure To Phoenix9:55am11:21pmUS2952CRJ
Departure To Portland1:45pm3:50pmAS3493CRJ-700
Departure To San Francisco5:45am7:10amUA5632EMB 120
Departure To San Francisco8:27am9:55amUA6487EMB 120
Departure To San Francisco10:22am11:50amUA5640EMB 120
Departure To San Francisco12:35pm1:58pmUA5646EMB 120
Departure To San Francisco2:06pm3:29pmUA5556EMB 120
Departure To San Francisco4:25pm5:48pmUA5645EMB 120
Departure To San Francisco5:23pm6:43pmUA5638EMB 120
Departure To San Francisco6:52pm8:15pmUA5615EMB 120
Departure To San Francisco7:56pm9:20pmUA5567EMB 120
Departure To San Francisco9:02pm10:24pmUA5610EMB 120
Departure To Seattle7:05pm9:35pmAS3481CRJ-700